People's Candidate Town Hall Questions

We hope to facilitate a town hall where the people can ask real questions and properly vet the candidates. Help the moderators source a great conversation for the People's Candidate Town Hall by submitting your questions below!

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What would a sensible and humane drug policy look like?

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Health care

Would you support a "public option" health care plan? Would you accept compromises to "health care for all"?

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Do you agree with the scientific consensus that vaccines are safe?

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What agricultural policies do you support? How will we get sufficient water for ag, cities, and environment?

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Climate Change

What actions would you prioritize to address climate change?

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Will you vote to impeach.

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How relevant is your day job?

Could you tell us how the work you currently do could inform your decisions as a lawmaker, and specifically how your education and work experience relate to the formulation of public policy?

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Prepared to Represent

What have you done in the past 12 months to prepare yourself to represent the people of District 1?

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Money in politics

What are your thoughts on money in politics and what are you prepared to do to remedy this, starting with your campaign?

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Strategy to Beat LaMalfa

I hope this did not get submitted twice! (Something weird happened when I tried the first time). I am excited to see so many people running against LaMalfa but very concerned that if there is no significant process to winnow the field by the election that the vote will be split and La Malfa would win because of that. So my questions: Are you willing to join up with your fellow candidates to fund polls or some other winnowing process as this race continues to determine who is running the strongest and most likely to win? And, if so, would you be willing to step aside and and throw your support and efforts to help that candidate? Who would you vote for today -- if you could not vote for yourself -- and why?

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